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Abhayakendram is a shelter for poor patients. It is functioning under the auspices of Abhayakendram Charitable Society. It is intended to provide free accommodation and other assistance to patients and bystanders, who need to live near RCC for prolonged treatment of cancer and other major diseases but their financial status does not allow them to afford a hotel accommodation. The Centre is also intended to accommodate a Diagnostic Centre, which will provide diagnostic services at cost or free to deserving patients.

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The treatment of cancer involves therapy given on alternate days or with a gap of one week or in some cases with a gap of two weeks. This prolonged treatment forces the patients and their accompanying relatives to stay back near the RCC for months together. Majority of the patients belong to poor families and they do not have sufficient income even to meet day to day expenses. In the absence of institutions like Abhayakendram, they have to make use of shades of trees and verandahs of shops as their shelter.
"Abhayakendram" is a project conceived by the Medical Guidance and Information Centre (MGIC), working under the auspices of the Trivandrum Islamic Mission Trust (TIMT), Reg.No.265/78, Medical College, Trivandrum. Medical Guidance and Information Centre (MGIC) was incepted in the year 2001 and has been providing guidance, financial support, ambulance services, medicines, blood and food to poor patients who visit Regional Cancer Centre and other medical institutions near Medical College, Trivandrum, from all districts of Kerala and southern states of India. TIMT has purchased 23 cents of land near Chalakuzhy lane for constructing a seven storied building for Abhayakendram. (The project design was later revised to a four storied building due to new civil defence rules with regard to the width of the access road). Construction activities were on hold for a few years, after piling works were completed, due to shortage of funds. In early 2011, South Kerala Islamic Association, Doha – Qatar (SKIA) joined hands with TIMT for raising funds for the completion of construction and to manage the operation of the Abhayakendram.
Project Launch in Qatar
After signing an MOU with TIMT, SKIA has launched the project in Qatar and initiated fund raising campaign in a public function conducted on 1 April 2011 in Doha. Speeches by Dr.V.P.Gangadharan, one of the leading Oncologist in India and Moulavi Jamaludeen Mankada, Imam of Palayam Juma Masjid were the main attractions of the function. A similar public function was held on 27 April 2012, in which Dr. Suresh Chandra Dutt made a presentation on the need for early detection of cancer and regular check-ups. Prof. P.A. Saheed, Director, MGIC shared his heartbreaking personal experiences with the underprivileged cancer patients reaching MGIC for assistance.
Present Status
Immediately after the launch of the project in 2011, a small team of SKIA workers were assigned the task of fund raising for Abhayakendram, whose consistent efforts are at the verge of being rewarded. Construction of three stories of the building (First Phase) was completed in May 2013. Formal inauguration of the First Phase of the project was done by Sri. Oommen Chandy, Chief Minister of Kerala, on May 9, 2013. The Second Phase of the Project was inaugurated by Sri. Manjalamkuzhy Ali, Minister for Urban Affairs and Welfare of Minorities on January 23, 2014. Second Phase of the project is in progress which is expected to be completed by August, 2016.


• Cubicles for patients in need of isolation
• Separate prayer Halls for Gents and Ladies
• Wheel chairs
• Lifts
• Fridge for keeping medicine
• Water purifier
• Readers' Corner with News papers and periodicals
• TV sets with cable connection
• Mobile Mortuary Unit


Our Services


Motivates patients and their bystanders through monthly counseling classes.

Blood Donation

Organizes volunteers for blood donation based on the need of the patients.


Provides free of cost from Abhayakendram to hospitals for deserving patients and at nominal rates for others.


Provides free of cost to deserving patients.

Ambulance Services:

Provides free of cost to deserving patients and at cost to others.

Guidance Cell

Provides proper guidance to all those who reach Thiruvananthapuram for treatment of potentially terminal diseases like cancer.

Welfare Fund

The inmates who are too poor to afford expenses for their homeward journey are assisted from the Welfare Fund specially earmarked for the same purpose.

Food and Accommodation

Provides free of cost to poor patients and their bystanders, who hail from distant places, and so are forced to reside near the Regional Cancer Centre or other government hospitals for their treatment.


1. Abhayakendram provides free food and accommodation to patients and accompanying bystanders who are visiting Regional Cancer Centre or other Government Hospitals, from distant places and need to stay near the hospitals for treatment for long periods, but are unable to afford renting a room.
2. Admission to Abhayakendram is strictly restricted to patients and accompanying bystanders only. None other than patients and accompanying bystanders shall be accommodated for whatsoever reasons.
3. Admission is open to all patients irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or mother tongue, subject to meeting the following criteria for admission.

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Criteria for Admission
1. A patient who has a confirmed appointment with RCC the next day or has an appointment for follow up treatment within 15 days from the date of admission will only be eligible for accommodation in Abhayakendram.
2. All patients in the BPL category, as stipulated by the Govt. of India, will be admitted subject to availability of bed spaces.
3. Admission for patients in the APL category shall be based on the socio-economic/financial status of the patients' family ie. parents, spouse and children.
4. Patients from a family with an average monthly income of Rs.10,000/- or above are not eligible for admission.
5. Financial status of the patients will be assessed with the help of the following:
a. Interview with the patient and bystander.
b. RCC/Hospital registration and appointment card.
c. Ration card.
d. Income certificate from the Village Officer/Panchayat Office.
e. Recommendation from the respective Mahal/Parish/Temple committee.
f. Letter from a respectable person in the locality of the patient.
6. Patients categorized as "F" by RCC (who cannot afford to pay but little) will be given priority over Category "M" (who can afford to pay partially).
7. Other conditions remaining the same, priority will be given to widows and orphans.
8. Patients from distant places will be given priority over those from nearby districts like Trivandrum, Kollam, Nagercoil etc.
9. Patients may be given admission for two days based on an interview, even in the absence of the above documents. However, the patient shall produce the required documents within two days if he/she wants to continue staying from the third day. They shall vacate the room, if they fail to produce the required documents in two days.
10. An amount of Rs.500/- shall be deposited as security with Abhayakendram at the time of admission, which will be refunded at the time of check out, after deducting appropriate amount against damages made to the furniture, utensils, or other equipment, if any.
11. An admission will be for a maximum period of 15 days and renewal of admission shall be based on follow up treatment requirements.
12. Free food will be available for all inmates. Those who do not want to make use of the facility shall inform the same at the time of admission.
13. Only one bystander will be accommodated with the patient.
14. Patients who are not found eligible for admission to Abhayakendram and are financially sound and can afford to pay shall be directed to the nearby TIMT Hostel or other similar facilities (CH Centre, MSS, etc.) which provide accommodation on payment basis.
15. Preference shall be given to patients recommended by the President and Secretary of SKIA in writing, provided the patient fulfills the above criteria. Hide

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